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Polo Heritage Wines.

A Celebration of the Best. This is our motto at La Chamiza. Over the years our passion for Polo leads us to achieve excellence across all our new endeavors. The wine adventure began years ago in our formerly polo chacra located in the Mendoza province, a worldwide recognized land from Argentina where great wines are produced from its different valleys.

La Chamiza wines are crafted with the same superiority that we learned from this amazing equestrian sport.

Enjoy our passion for Polo & Great Wines.

DidYou KnowThat...

The vineyard that yields the grapes that become Martín Alsina is nearly 100 years old.

Argentinean Malbec is exported to more than 120 countries.

Ten percent of Martín Alsina's production is fermented in barrels.

Argentina has the polo players with the highest handicap in the world.

La Chamiza first entered international contests in 2006; it has since garnered a total of 16 gold medals.

In 2010, wine was declared a national beverage of Argentina for its part in the identity and culture of the nation.

Martín Alsina is produced with only first-use French barrels.